Wren Quinn is a somatic practitioner, intuitive, and shadow worker whose services center on the resolution of trauma and its undercurrents. An avid student of our inner depths, Wren believes that the body holds messages that speak of how we each need to be healed, and that those messages should be heralded with the reverence they deserve. 


As a facilitator, Wren is here to provide support and gentle guidance through the thresholds of your darkest shadows, and the permission to deeply feel along the way. Together, you will shift the perception of shadows as entities to be feared, to shadows as portals of profound inner alchemy. Sessions will begin in unraveling your tangled threads, and culminate in re-weaving them into a tapestry of your own innate, powerful, deeply-rooted embodiment through modalities that speak closest to your heart. These techniques include trauma education, somatic practicing, reiki, herbal + earth allies, guided meditations, creative expression, and breathwork.


Wren is a writer, creator, mother, listener, and steadfast advocate of the accessibility of healing and self-nourishment. She has a background in yoga therapy and trauma-informed somatic practicing, and is currently a devoted apprentice of Herbalism through Prairie Wise Herbal.