Somatic modalities operate under the principle that trauma does not arise from any specific event. Rather, trauma is contracted when our body's instinctive fight or flight response is halted, either by entering a "freeze" state (such as witnessing a natural disaster), or by being forcibly restrained (such as sexual assault). This can cause a vicious cycle. The call of trauma often surfaces as anxiety, flashbacks, and internal struggles - all of which trigger our instinct to stifle the painful responses, calling our trauma to scream louder.

As humans, trauma is an inevitable part of our lives - but this is me reminding you that our experiences do not have to define,  cripple or forever wound us.

Each series moves through a 9-week gestation, focusing on unlearning old programmings, and re-learning a trust in the validity of your experiences and how your body chooses to carry them. By allowing our bodies to feel, we allow our musculature to release the traumatic attachment to our experiences.​ This 9-week program exists to allow your voice to be expressed completely, and for every nuance of your being to be experienced.

It provides a safe container to return to when what rises from the belly is unexpected, or scary, or bewildering. It allows the shifting layers of the surface time to marinate to the core, and a place for lingering reactions to be explained. Each three weeks follows a basic, but fluid outline surrounding topics of Awareness, Release, and Resiliency.


Our 1 hr, 30 minute sessions will be raw, fiercely honest, and dive deep to uncover the truth at your heart's center.

Breath techniques, physical movement, personal creation, Reiki, and meditation will all be interwoven to peel back the layers which hinder your growth to step forward from the shadows and uncover what they conceal. Trauma Alchemy reaches into the fiber of your being to identify the intrinsic energies within, and how they can intertwine to produce the healing elixir unique to you. This is an opportunity to receive education on our brain-body connection and the functionality of our brain in response to trauma.

Each session is highly individualized and completely tailored to your needs and experiences. If nothing else, I know deeply that each being is capable and deserving of recovery. Thank you for trusting me on this journey. Until we meet again, remember: I am here. I am worthy. I am enough.

I firmly believe that each individual, regardless of financial background, is deserving of healing. Pricing is collaborative, which means we decide together on the exchange that works best for you.