T E A   B L E N D S
n o u r i s h

 a grounding, wholly nourishing concoction drawing on the power of healing herbs such as nettle, oatstraw, marshmallow root, and holy basil. Each element aids in grounding, balance, and steady regulation. Chamomile, lemon balm, and spearmint allow a soothing, yet energizing breath to welcome sunlight and mental clarity. This is best used as a daily tea to soak up the nutritive qualities of these vitalizing allies.



f l o w e r s   o f   t h e   f i e l d


a soothing blend that welcomes whimsy and simple joy through the nurturing flower allies of the earth. This herbal tea includes rose petals, calendula, blue cornflower, and lavender in a bed of mineral-rich oatstraw, with just a hint of cinnamon for warmth through the winter. This helps beckons forth sweetness and fortitude, and aids in revealing gentle pleasure in the present.

Each blend is $8. Teas come with about one week's worth of herbs, and smoke blends weigh roughly one ounce without packaging.

S M O K E   B L E N D S


i n t o   t h e   s h a d o w s

an ally through shadow work and darker days, this blend was created to fortify your journey with sword, shield, and knowing, radiating light. Mugwort ushers us into expansiveness of the intuitive mind, with motherwort and yarrow alongside to firmly place and uphold emotional boundaries. Rose and damiana remind you of the inner light you hold within as you travel along the depths. This blend removes the clouds from your mind and heart so your journey can be truly, but safely experienced.


a   s p o k e n   h e a r t


a simply delicious smoke blend to remove the programmings placed upon our hearts for their true messages to shine through. With each inhale, encourage spaciousness of the heart, and allow its trappings to fall away. This blend makes a wonderful ceremonial companion, or simply a gentle reminder to listen to your heart when its voice feels far away. Allow this moment to exist as a vessel of receptivity to the honest needs of your present, beating heart. Includes red raspberry, damiana, rose, and calendula.


e x h a l e


this smooth, soft blend encourages not just exhale of the breath, but exhale of the body. Allow the tensions that have built to soften, and for strains to exhale from your bones. Skullcap, lemon balm, lavender, and chamomile soothe the nervous system, with a whisper of mugwort to welcome messages from the intuitive self.