There is medicine held deeply within the persons of the world who existed before humans: Earth's plant allies. This service exists for those who cherish their own kinship with the physical and energetic offerings the plant persons have to extend to us, and for those who seek to deepen their relationship with herbs.

In these sessions, we will come together over sincere conversation to identify any areas in which you are seeking support from our plant teachers. You will be led through a meditation to allow your body to speak its needs, and from there, with my simple shepherding, you will weave your own herbal blend based on exactly what you divine for reconnection. 

Options are to create either a:

 smoke blend


tea blend


We will partake in this together. This will be followed by a full reiki session - a time to truly commune with the intricacies and familiarities of your chosen herbs to perceive the tending of these allies and bond with them on an a sacred, rooted level.

You will leave with your blend lovingly packaged to enjoy during your own ceremonial or daily rituals, as well as in-depth information on the herbs you chose and their aiding properties.