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Reiki is a healing art centered around the tending of energies resounding within the body. Just as with somatic modalities, the understanding is that our energies exist and correlate with physical areas of our body. And, just as in our musculature, our energies can become stagnant, trapped, or disrupted in ways that seep into the rest of our lives. Reiki offers a way for these energies to be seen and palpably felt, illuminating the intricacies with which they affect our physical and mental health.

In my sessions, I use Reiki as a way to peer beyond our thinking mind and delve deeper into our bodily sensations, and the knowledge that our bodies hold. Reiki can provide feelings of relaxation, deep discernment, and self-awareness. Each session will tap into the energies of the seven main chakras, and end with a discussion on the collaborative observations of the practitioner and the receiver. Clients will rest, fully clothed, in a comfortable position for the duration of the session with eyes either open or closed.

Reiki sessions are pay-what-you-can, and can also be purchased in packages.