"Wren has been an incredible spiritual guide the few times I have had the pleasure of working with her. Her work has assisted me in navigating my own healing process and given me the insight I needed to get in touch with the deepest part of myself. She is an asset and a resource. I can't recommend her enough."

Onnissia H.

"I have so many beautiful things to say about Wren and her gifts, but I will do my best to condense the. I went to Wren for her nine week Trauma Alchemy sessions, and I didn't know what to expect - or what I hoped to gain from the experience...and I left with such clarity about myself - my existence...and my value. She lent me the tools that I needed to heal wounds that hadn't been properly tended to in my childhood and adolescence. From the reiki, to the breath work, and everywhere in between...every session we had left me feeling so whole- so held. so treasured, I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience the gifts that Wren possesses, and the light that she exudes. I am forever grateful to the Universe for giving us Wren...and the wisdom and insight she left me - it has changed my life. Thank you, simply isn't enough."

Destiny F. 

"I turned to Wren after learning that both of my parents were terminally ill. I was going through a break up, and I was struggling with my own "not good enough" believes. I was overwhelmed and depressed. Wren is an extremely attentive and intuitive and skilled in asking questions that helped me arrive to my own path. She is warm, gentle, and kind, and creates a safe place to explore my trauma. She also has a lightness and humor about her that I enjoy. I have gained so much from her sessions. Wren has assisted me uncover my wholeness beneath the negative beliefs that I have against myself and learn to hold both my strengths and challenges with understanding. I look forward to more opportunities to learn from her."

Hannah C.